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When a nation goes down, or a society perishes, one condition may always be found; they forgot where they came from. They lost sight of what had brought them along. -- Carl Sandburg

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Family Stories, Photos, and Documents

Edward Reymer Johnston, of Plymouth, Ohio, married Anna P. Weber, a daughter of Jacob and Susanna (Kress) Weber, also of Plymouth, in 1906. Edward's mother was Hannah Kuhn, a descendant of Peter Kuhn of Greencastle, Pennsylvania.  

Peter Kuhn of Greencastle, PA and his descendants

Peter Kuhn (1748-1807) of Greencastle, Pennsylvania: His 18th century homestead is now a Bed and Breakfast Inn

History and Roster of the Peter Kuhn Family in the USA
 published in 1932.

History of Richland County, Ohio, written by A. J. Baughman (Chicago: Clarke Publishing Co., I908) Peter Kuhn's son Samuel Kuhn and his wife Catherine Smith had twelve children. Five of these children settled in Richland County, Ohio: Sarah, Samuel, John, Fanny and Jacob. Family history is recounted in the biographical sketches of John Kuhn, son of Samuel and Catherine Kuhn, and Peter Kuhn, a grandchild of Samuel and Catherine, on pages 767-768 and 800-803 of this volume.

Family of Jacob and Susanna (Kress) Weber of Plymouth, Ohio

Jacob and Susanna (Kress) Weber of Plymouth, Ohio: A Family History
(Their German ancestry and their descendants)

Anna Weber's Baptism Certificate

Anna Weber (1883-1974) Four-Generation Pedigree Chart

Everyone Loves a Parade: The Jacob Weber Family of Plymouth, OH

A Weber Family Outing at Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH: Beach Fashion in 1915

John Johnston: From Cavan County, Ireland to Plymouth, Ohio

Sources for information given on the pedigree charts listed above available upon request

Profiles of Those Who Served in War

Colonel Edward W. Johnston, US Marine Corps, WWII and the Korean War

Edward Johnston of Plymouth, Ohio: Lieutenant in the Civil War

Philip Roemer of Franklin County, Pennsylvania: Soldier in the American Revolution

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