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French-Canadian Ancestry (General)
    French-Canadian Pioneers: Resources for Research
Plaque listing the first French-Canadian Settlers (located in Quebec)
    Hélène's World:
Hélène Desportes of Seventeenth-Century Quebec  (Book)  
Hélène Desportes: Marriage Records
    Filles du Roi
    Soldats de Carignan-Salières Regiment  
    Midwives of Early Quebec
    Montreal and the Census of 1666
    Weather -- A Formidable Foe for the French-Canadian Pioneers
    The Scourge of Smallpox ... Did Guillaume Hébert Die of the Disease?
Gilman Family History: French Canadian Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas Gilman (B. Canada; D. Fond du Lac WI)
    Marietta Estelle Gilman (1880-1981) Pedigree Chart
    Thomas O. Gilman: The Story Behind the Family Name
Hélène Desportes to Matilda Gratton, wife of Thomas O. Gilman (Relationship Chart)
Hélène Desportes to Marietta Gilman Aschenbrener (Relationship Chart)
    Hélène Desportes of Early Quebec: Her Years of Exile in France
    The Marriage of Charles Gariepy and Marie-Anne Cloutier, Chȃteau-Richer, 1684
    Zacharie Cloutier to 
Matilda Gratton, wife of Thomas O. Gilman (Relationship Chart)
    Zacharie Cloutier to Marietta Gilman Aschenbrener (Relationship Chart)
    Guillaume Richard Lafleur (Soldier in the Carignan-Salières Regiment) to Thomas O. Gilman (Relationship Chart)
    Gilman Ancestors Listed Among the King's Daughters
    Catherine Ducharme (1657-1719): Fille du Roi  City Girl Survives and Thrives on Life in La Prairie
    Catherine Ducharme, Fille du Roi, to Marietta Gilman Aschenbrener (Relationship Chart)
    Pierre Roy and Catherine Ducharme: Parents of 18 provide a home for Elizabeth Casse, an English child kidnapped in 1704
    Joseph Gilman Family Portrait and Biographical Sketch
    Joseph and Barbara (Fox) Gilman: Pioneers of Taylor County, Wisconsin
    Jacques Agement Son dit Martin, French & Indian War
    Jean Conrad Heinmann (D 1815) of Boucherville, Chambly, Quebec, Canada: A Hessian Soldier?
Weather -- A Formidable Foe for the French-Canadian Pioneers
    André Poutré dit Lavigne (1639-1724): Soldier, Settler, and Village Shoemaker

Markt Eisenstein, Bohemia
    A List of Nineteenth-Century Emigrants from Markt Eisenstein, Bohemia to Northern Wisconsin
    Who are the German-Bohemians?
    German-Bohemian Heritage Society Website
    Markt Eisenstein: Historic German-Bohemian Border Village
    Following the Glass Road to the Eisenstein Villages
    The Maria Hilf Church in Markt Eisenstein, Bohemia
    Bayerisch Eisenstein's Historic Train Station
    Church Records of Markt Eisenstein, Bohemia
    Totenbretter (Death Boards) -- An Old Tradition in the Bavarian-Bohemian Borderlands
    Outdoor Museums in the Bavarian-Bohemian Borderland
    Monika Bredl's Photo Album: Unidentified Couples (likely other emigrants from Markt Eisenstein, Bohemia)
Aschenbrener Family History
Origins of the Aschenbrenner Surname
    George and Monika (Bredl) Aschenbrenner: From Markt Eisenstein, Bohemia to Northern Wisconsin
    George Aschenbrenner (1850-1922) Pedigree Chart
    Monika Bredl (1855-1929) Pedigree Chart

    George B. Aschenbrener (1881-1953) Pedigree Chart
    Baptism records for George B. Aschenbrener and Marietta Gilman
    Marriage of George B. Aschenbrener and Marietta Gilman in Stetsonville, WI in 1903
    George and Marietta Aschenbrener: Early Twentieth-Century Entrepreneurs
    George and Marietta Aschenbrener: Raising a Family in the Wisconsin Northwoods in the Early Twentieth Century
    Louisa (Aschenbrenner) Amberson, 1875-1970: A Bride at Fifteen, A Widow at Thirty-Two with Nine Children to Raise
    Aschenbrenner Family Expelled from the Sudetenland after WWII Family in America: A Beacon of Hope
    Margaret Rose (Peggy) Addy: No Will and 94 Heirs
    Robert W. Aschenbrener (1920-2009), World War II Ace
    Major Robert W. Aschenbrener, World War II Ace, South Pacific
    WWII Pilot Robert W. Aschenbrener, Downed in the Philippines: His Story
    Ann Middleton Aschenbrener, American Red Cross, South Pacific, World War II
    Major Robert W. Aschenbrener and Ann Middleton: Married in the South Pacific, 1945
Middleton Family History (The Middletons of Gibson City, Illinois)
    Oscar Ray Middleton Pedigree Chart
    Sibyl Hoover Middleton Pedigree Chart
    Oscar Ray and Sibyl Middleton Obituaries
    Sarah Ellen Howver: Matriarch of a Family with the Wanderlust Gene
    Sibyl Hoover of Gibson City, IL: A Year Abroad (1907-1908)
    A Letter from Sibyl Middleton to her Sister, Josephine Pullen, 1924
    Oscar and Sibyl Middleton: Gone Fishing!
    The Reverend Samuel Middleton: Nineteenth-Century Itinerant Methodist Preacher
    The English Baronets of Bathurst: American Descendants
    O.R. Middleton: Family Ties to The Baronets of Bathurst
    Lineage of the Baronets of Bathurst
     A History of Barons and Baronets (Book)
    A Brief  History of Bishop Henry Funck and other Funk Pioneers
        (including our Mennonite Ancestors in Singers Glen, Virginia)
    John Howver of Singers Glen, Virginia: Last Will and Testament (1865)
    Marshall Howver: American Dentist Caught in the Throes  of WWI and the Russian Revolution
    William H. Cackley Family Moves from Virginia to Illinois in 1856
    Jacob Fry Cackley of Clinton, IL: His Virginia Roots (Now WV)
    Jacob Fry Cackley: Twenty-one things gleaned from his obituary
    Samuel Lowery and Rebecca Eagen of Augusta, Virginia: 1820 Marriage Record
    Jane Cole Wintermote of Darke County, Ohio: Obituary and Biographical Sketch
    Mary Cole Wintermote (1835-1914) of Darke County, Ohio: Obituary and Biographical Sketch
    A Biographical History of Darke County, Ohio, including the ancestry of the Cole Family of Darke County, OH
    The Kool (Cole) Family in America: (Family Ties to New Amsterdam) Book
    O.R. Middleton: His Easterbrook, Middleton, and Bathurst Ancestry
Lawrence Bathurst of Centre County, Pennsylvania: Revolutionary War Record
    Ferdinand Hoover of Darke County, Ohio: Civil War Soldier
    George Howver of Singers Glen, Virginia; Civil War Soldier
    William H. Cackley of Pocahontas County, Virginia; War of 1812
    Col William S. Middleton of Gibson City, IL: Service in WWII and in the Korean War
    Mennonite Ancestors of Barbara Funk (1812-1850) of Singers Glen, VA
    Swiss and German Origins of the Mennonites of Singers Glen, VA

    Mennonite Bishop Henry Rhodes (1747-1827) of Rockingham County, VA
    Barbara Funk of Singers Glen, VA: Her Funk Family Ancestry
    Elizabeth Brenneman (1758-1835) of Rockingham Co. VA
    Mennonite Preacher Henry Funk of Pennsylvania and Virginia: His Service in the American Revolution
    Jacob Showalter (Abt. 1710-1773) of Northampton Co. PA: Patriarch of the Showalters of Rockingham County, VA
    Doc and Laura Ellen Hoover of Gibson City, Illinois: Letters from China 1923-24
Ann Middleton Aschenbrener, American Red Cross, South Pacific, World War II
    Henry Parrett of Shenandoah County, Virginia: Soldier in the American Revolution
    Henry Parrett of Virginia: His Life, His Last Will and Testament
    Sarah Ellen Paulsel: Roots in the Shenandoah Valley of Northern Virginia
    John Easterbrook (1765-1861) and the War of 1812: British Soldier, American Soldier -- He was both!
    Tracing the English Ancestry of John Easterbrook
    Barent Jacobsen Cool: Seventeenth-Century Citizen of New Amsterdam
    Sibyl Hoover Middleton: Family Ties to Barent Jacobsen Cool (A Relationship Chart)
    Juriaen Westvaal (Westfall): Seventeenth-Century Dutch Farmer and Settler of New Netherland
    Sibyl Hoover Middleton: Family Ties to Juriaen Westvaal (Westfall) (A Relationship Chart)
    Louis DuBois of Seventeenth-Century New Netherland: Walloon Founder of New Paltz, New York
    Sibyl Hoover Middleton: Family Ties to Louis DuBois (A Relationship Chart)
    Uncle James Howver: The Gold Rush and a Lost Claim
    George Philip Wintermute of the Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania: British Loyalist in the American Revolution
McNelley Family History
(McNelleys of Cleveland, OH and Chicago, IL)

    Thomas T. and Mary Sarah (Miller) McNelley of Nineteenth-Century Cleveland, Ohio
    Thomas and Sarah McNelley: Putting down roots in Chicago
    Oscar James McNelley of Chicago, Illinois Pedigree Chart
    Louise (Holm) Mikkelsen (wife of Oscar James McNelley) Pedigree Chart
    Thomas Lawrence McNelley (1855-1936) of Chicago, Illinois: Biographical Sketch
    Three Little Girls - Lives Cut Short: Daughters of Thomas and Sarah McNelley of Chicago, IL
    Captain William H. McNelley and the Foundering of the Ship Indiana on Lake Michigan
    Captain William H. McNelley: The kidnapping of his two-year-old son Oscar in Cleveland in 1859
    Antonius Holm Family: Danish Emigration Records
    Antonius Holm Family: US Immigration Records
    Nathan Lamb and Sarah Crampton: Handwritten Family Record
        (Nathan Lamb's daughter Sarah Amelia married Thomas Lawrence McNelley)

    Joseph Lamb of Sheldon, Vermont: Soldier in the American Revolution
    Joseph Lamb Family Record (B: 1763, Rhode Island; D: 1848, VT)
    The Baptism of Suzanne McNelley in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 1942: A Four-Generation Family Affair
    Antonius and Anne Margrethe (Frandsen) Holm: Nineteenth-Century Emigrants from Denmark to Chicago, Illinois
    Captain William H. McNelley (Abt 1830-1902) of Cleveland, Ohio: His death in 1902
        (An Accident on Lake Superior Takes the Life of the Old Lake Captain)

Johnston Family History (Johnston, Kuhn, and Weber Families of Plymouth, OH)
    Edward Reymer Johnston (1870-1950) Pedigree Chart
    Anna Weber (1883-1974) Pedigree Chart 
    Jacob and Susanna (Kress) Weber of Plymouth, Ohio: A Family History
    Anna Weber's Baptism Certificate
    Everyone Loves a Parade: The Jacob Weber Family of Plymouth, OH
    A Weber Family Outing at Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH: Beach Fashion in 1915
Peter Kuhn (1748-1807) of Greencastle, Pennsylvania: His 18th century homestead is now a Bed & Breakfast Inn
    History and Roster of the Peter Kuhn Family in the USA (Book)

        (Includes descendants of Peter Kuhn of Greencastle, PA who settled in Plymouth, OH)
    History of Richland County, OH (Book)
    Philip Roemer of Franklin County, PA; Soldier in the American Revolution
    Edward Johnston of Plymouth, OH: Lieutenant in the Civil War
    Colonel Edward W. Johnston, US Marine Corps, WWII and the Korean War

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